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Mow, trim & edge – Doing this on a regular basis thicken the turf and enhances the lawns appearance and vitality.

Fertilization – Produces an attractive turf, provides great lawn color, density and growth.

Pre-Emergent Fertilizer – Treats crab grass and grassy leaf.

Post-Emergent Fertilizer – This is used for broadleaf control.

Starter Fertilizer – This helps seed to germinate and provides nutrients for your turf to grow.

Regular Fertilizer – This is a feeding to help strengthen roots during over seeding, winter or when the turf need a boost.

Lime – Helps to balance soil acidity and encourages the roots to draw nutrients from the soil, which makes the turf stronger.

Dethatching – Removes the old thatch (compacted and or decaying plant material on the soil surface), build up in the turf.  Excessive thatch prevents  seed, fertilizer, oxygen and other nutrients from reaching the roots.

Aeration – Reduces thatch, loosens up compacted soils and helps water and nutrients reach the roots. This process is done by removing plugs from your lawn and leaving them on top to break done. It is a great time to seed, fertilze lime after aeration is done.

Seeding – We use a quality blend of Tall Fescues. We recommend seeding be done following aeration.

Mulching – Mulching shrub and flower beds are a great way to add uniformity and curb appeal to your landscape. Mulch also helps prevent weeds, holds moisture and can also add organic matter to the soil.

Redefining beds – Creates definition between the turf and mulch bed. Also when maintained on a regular basis keeps grass from growing into your mulch beds and keeps mulch off the turf.

Leaf removal – Your property may need 1-3 leaf removal visits to keep your yard looking its best and to prevent lawn damage.

Pruning – Pruning is essential for trees and shrubs to maintain healthy growth. It also enhances the beauty of your landscape.

Weed Control

Spot spray – (liquid) used for highly concentrated areas of weeds

Pre-emergent weed killer – Snapshot (granular) used for mulch beds.

Organic composting – The process of mixing decaying leaves, manure and other nutritive matter to fertilize and improve the structure of the soil. Compost is used when seeding lawns, as a top dressing, under sod and is great for getting your lawn off to a good start or go to the next level.

Topsoil – A rich organic layer of dirt from which plants and grass get the nutrients they need. Topsoil also helps to relieve compaction and improve drainage.