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A Cut Above

“How Short Should I Cut My Grass In The Spring?” In the very late winter and early spring, it is recommended that one cuts their grass extremely close (approximately 1”) in order to dethatch and remove dead layers of grass and debris. This is so the young grass shoots and new seed can find purchase […]

May: I fertilize?

The short answer is yes! You can fertilize your lawn in early May before the temperature starts to rise. Ideally, the best time to fertilize is between February and April, but May is still acceptable. The best time to fertilize your grass? Your best tool to know when the time is right is your eyes! […]

Spring Garden Checklist

Spring Garden Checklist It’s Spring! With this glorious season starting, there are a lot of things you need to do in order to get your lawn and garden ready for the upcoming warmer months. Feel free to print this out as a handy Spring preparation guide.  Clear your plant beds. Time to remove dried winter […]

Outdoor Adventure: Birdwatching

     As Spring rolls her shoulders, shrugging off the last of the Winter frost, we can expect the return of birdsong in Virginia! The migration of birds heralds Spring’s arrival and after such a long, brutal Winter, they are most welcome. It’s time to get outside with your notepad and pen to see all […]

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The Scoop On Hardscapes

What the heck are hardscapes? As opposed to “landscapes” which are considered organic matter based, hardscapes are intended to create new living space outside of your home. There are some very important things to consider when planning and placing your hardscapes. We’re going to explore the how’s, why’s, and what’s of hardscapes in this blog! […]

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Outdoor Adventure: Geocaching

If you’ve never heard of Geocaching, it can best be described as an international, outdoor treasure hunt and anyone can participate! During the pandemic, it’s difficult to find fun activities that don’t involve groups but are still engaging. This is a fun way to teach your kid(s) or a kids’ organization (such as Boy or […]

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6 Creative Winter Seed Starters

In the Winter we start to miss growing things–the little green, happy sprigs of new life shooting through the dark soil! There’s no reason you can’t enjoy that all Winter long.  We’ve been taught since grade school how to reuse, recycle and reduce! Below is a list of organic, eco-friendly seed starters that can be […]