Fall Lawn Myths Debunked

There’s a lot of misinformation floating around regarding how to take care of lawns during the cooler months. Here’s an article that hopefully clears up some of the confusion!

This fall lawn advice could actually be making the problem worse!

“You don’t have to mow your lawn in fall.”

Plenty of people let their yard duties fall behind when the weather starts getting colder, but failing to mow your lawn during these months can actually be very harmful to its health long term. When grass is too long, it creates a build up of organic matter when leaves begin to fall. This can lead to disease and making raking up the leaves even more difficult. Experts recommend keeping the length of your grass at about 3 inches long!

“It’s ok to put down the lawn tools for a couple months”.

The tools you use for your lawn need regular maintenance as well! If your Autumns get especially cold, remember to drain the gas from your rototiller, lawnmower and leaf blower. Be sure to drain the water from pressure washers as well. Rust is also a serious and preventable issue for tools in the colder months. Check on your metal tools regularly and rip them of any accumulated moisture.

“Grass doesn’t need to be watered in the Fall.”

Fall is actually the perfect time to rejuvenate your lawn after the harsh summer months! Ideally, your lawn should see about one inch of water per week.

“Make sure ALL the leaves get raked.”

When leaves decompose, they actually produce nutrients that can make your lawn healthier! Of course everything should be done in moderation- leaving all the leaves would smother your lawn. Leaving a light scatter of leaves is alright, however! It might even make your yard even more attractive by adding a pop of color!

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