4 Autumn Flowers That You’ll “Fall” in Love With


We all love pretty flowers, but the changing weather makes it difficult to grow certain species. Here’s a list of flower species that thrive in cooler weather!

Fall Flowers to grow this Autumn:


Often simply referred to as “mums”, these bold blooms will capture any passerby’s attention. Mums come in all shapes, sizes and colors, so they’re a fan favorite of creative gardeners! One thing to remember about mums is that they are heavy feeder and require maintenance to stay vibrant. They need fertilizer monthly and should be soaked completely when watering. The best part about mums is that they’ll keep coming back every year after you plant them! Since they are a perennial flower, if you take care of them properly they’ll keep you company indefinitely.

“Mums” the word!


Characterized by their “heart” shape and face-like pattern pansies have always held a spot in the flower hall of fame. Providing reliable and refreshing color, these plants can last all year long and are very versatile addition to your display of flowers! Their small stature allows them to be featured in everything from ground soil, to boxes, or even as a border flower. Pansies hate the heat and thrive in the cool whether of Autumn- and like Chrysanthemums, they’ll keep coming back year after year with proper care.

Can you Pan-see why these are a favorite?


A classic beauty, these daisy-like perennials can come in an array of colors ranging from purple, to blue, even white! Asters, particularly the wild variety, are known for being very ecologically friendly. They are the perfect place for bees and other pollinators to find nectar as all the other flowers fade from cold weather. Diverse in both color and stature (they can grow anywhere from 8 inches to 8 feet) Asters can go pretty much anywhere! Some garnderns take pleasure in planting Asters in homemade wildflower beds.

Be an Aster-naut and have an out of this world garden!


Don’t let the succulent-like leaves fool you on this flower, Stonecrops love the cooler weather of Autumn! Super easy to care for, this sturdy flower is great for beginner gardener. It’s main needs are full sun exposure and super drainable soil (Stonecrop is especially susceptible to root rot). Additionally, there are two types of Stonecrop gardeners can choose from! The low-growing type is best for ground cover and rock garden, whereas the upright-type shines in border or wildflower gardens!

Stock up on Stonecrop!

Need additional information or ideas? A great source is The Old Farmers Almanac!

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