3 Ways To Enjoy Your Backyard This Fall


Considering these hard times, we all need a little relaxation and fun, and you can find it right in your backyard! Here are some activities we recommend for you and your family try out this coming Autumn!

End-of-Summer Barbeque

Keeping in mind the safety of your friends and family, a barbeque can be an excellent way to reconnect during these hard times. Have everyone bring a side dish and cook your fall favorites. What better way to kick off autumn than with corn on the cob and pumpkin pie!

Reconnect with friends and family over a plate of barbeque favorites
Reconnect with friends and family over a plate of barbeque favorites!

Pumpkin Painting Party

Not just a fun alliteration, but a super fun time as well. Get together your close friends and family to paint pumpkins in your backyard. Painting is much more kid friendly than carving, and the fun colors decorating your front porch after the party will be the talk of the town. Easy, fun, and a good photo-op, pumpkin painting is the one of the best ways to kick off fall.

Your pumpkins will make your yard look scary good
Your pumpkins will make your yard look scary good

Building Birdhouses

Who doesn’t love to hear birds chirping in the mornings? Turn your backyard into a bird sanctuary with this fun and rewarding craft! The best part of building birdhouses is that you can DIY at your own skill level! From buying a premade house and painting it prettily, to building it straight from scratch, birdhouses have the potential to be hours of creative fun!

The bird will love your backyard almost as much as you will!

Virginia Lawn Service can help with the preparations before your fall fun begins!

You can’t enjoy these fall activities with an unkempt lawn overrun with weeds! Let us give you our expert advice and services so your backyard is perfect for entertaining. We offer an array of services from landscaping, to lawn maintenance, to hardscaping, and would be more than happy to sit down and have a consultation with you about your lawn care needs!

Contact Virginia Lawn Service today!

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