Pruning and Deadheading


Learn a little about deadheading, pruning, and the importance of hiring a professional.

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Video Transcript:

Hello there, My name is Brandi and I’m taking you on a field trip today to Hurkamp Park in Fredericksburg, Virginia. And today we’re going to be talking about deadheading, pruning, removing, debris your lawn and all the prep work that you need to do prepare your lawn for Fall.

So when we’re talking about deadheading, we’re talking about the removal of some of the thicker stems and the dried and gone buds. So if we remove this, you’ll also oftentimes find out that got some seeds in here that you can save for later. It looks like they got a couple there. That’s part of the benefit of pruning is you get yourself some seeds for later and you want to remove all the dead and dry stuff to get ready for fall.

Now, with lilies, you can usually just completely weed whack them all down, and they’ll come back next year as beautiful as ever. Then we have over here, Azeleas, and so were also talking about removing all the dead debris. And you can also prune the Azaleas around this time of year after the buds have fallen off. So once you do that, then you have great Azaleas for next year.

With things like Hydrangeas, you can always prune back all these dry, broken leaves because they’re not contributing aesthetically. And it could possibly pull nutrients away from the current flowers, which is part of the reason why these don’t look as full as these, because more pruning was required last year. So if you want full Hydrangeas, if you want full flowers and blooms, you’re going to want to prune more regularly.

You’re also going to want to remove all the old debris because that’s what causes some of our damp spots here. And as soon as you pull up all this debris, this is going to need to be overseeded and reseeded But we’ll talk about that more in the next blog.

Now again, if you don’t feel like doing all of these things yourselves, you could always call the trusted professionals at, that’s us, Virginia Lawn Service Inc. Or you could call us at (703) 494-4857.

Thank you guys so much. And we’ll see you next time.

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