May: I fertilize?

The short answer is yes! You can fertilize your lawn in early May before the temperature starts to rise. Ideally, the best time to fertilize is between February and April, but May is still acceptable. The best time to fertilize your grass? Your best tool to know when the time is right is your eyes! If you can visibly see that the grass is starting to grow it’s time to lay fertilizer and seed. 

Where it starts to become an issue in May, is if you are planning on seeding immediately after fertilization, especially depending on what type of fertilizer you use. If your fertilizer has a high lime count, it can burn up fresh roots particularly when it starts to get hot outside.

“Of all the spring lawn fertilizers available in the market, the clear winner is Espoma Organic Lawn Booster. This is because this grass fertilizer has all pros and no cons! It’s organic, environmentally friendly, perfectly balanced for growing grass, easy to apply and safe for pets and kids. It’s good for the environment and your lawn, producing great results throughout the summer. It’s also well-priced, making it easy on your wallet.”

We at Virginia Lawn Service, Inc. hope you found this to be helpful information and as always, if there is anything we can do to help, give us a call at (703)494-4857. Have a great season!

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