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“How Short Should I Cut My Grass In The Spring?”

In the very late winter and early spring, it is recommended that one cuts their grass extremely close (approximately 1”) in order to dethatch and remove dead layers of grass and debris. This is so the young grass shoots and new seed can find purchase in the soil and better access to sunlight and water. 

However, as spring stretches into summer, it’s more ideal to keep your grass around 3”. This is due to the fact that lack of sunlight to the undercut of your grass its a great way to reduce the amount of crabgrass that can surface. It’s a high-sun varietal! In the fall, one can reduce the height back to 2-2.5” as the tender crabgrass shoots will have already been killed off by the first frost. 

We hope this might have answered any pertinent grass related questions for you and as always, if you need some help from your friendly, neighborhood lawn care business, give Virginia Lawn Service, Inc. a call at (703)494-4857! We’re always happy to help and can tailor an affordable plan just for you!

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