The Scoop On Hardscapes

What the heck are hardscapes? As opposed to “landscapes” which are considered organic matter based, hardscapes are intended to create new living space outside of your home. There are some very important things to consider when planning and placing your hardscapes. We’re going to explore the how’s, why’s, and what’s of hardscapes in this blog!

First, close your eyes. Think about the members of your family, friends, and pets. Do you have kids in soccer? Do you and your spouse love to grill out and entertain? Do you have a pet that needs space to run and that might find some common plants toxic? These are all things to consider when designing your outdoor living space. You’ll be able to better determine what sort of hardscape you’re looking for and how big it should be. You don’t want it to cut into your little one’s soccer field!

Now, assess your yard. Do you have a nice shady spot that would be great for a little patio? You could grill and stay out of the sun instead of baking out in the open. Consider your existing beds. Would they look better and more defined with border walls? Also, pathways are a beautiful addition to any hardscape, particularly if the patio or sitting area is far enough away from the entrance of your home. A deck around a pool would be lovely, however it also might predetermine your materials as some pavers can’t withstand the chemicals used in pool treatment!

Then there’s everyone’s least favourite part, THE BUDGET. This is one of the most vital steps, especially in regards to setting your expectations. You might have your heart set on a pavilion with a built in pizza oven and pool, but not have the budget yet. If you keep those plans in mind, you can lay the groundwork for that and add on later! Budgets help you determine the materials you can use and how much labor you’ll be able to afford. Hiring a professional company such as Virginia Lawn Service, Inc. helps take a lot of the guesswork and stress out of this part of the process.

Another thing that Virginia Lawn Service, Inc. can assist you with is Maintenance! As beautiful as the completed project might be, entropy happens. Grass and weeds can grow between the cracks and repairs might need to be made to walls and pavers over time. Also, they’ll be able to help you create and maintain the additions in the future!

We’ve Got The Tools!

They can help you create and maintain any hard or “soft” ‘scape in the future. Give us a call for a free consultation!

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